What Is Flirting? (you shouldn't need a special degree or a scientific book)

In the simplest possible terms, flirting is usually a form of conversation that reveals a sexual or romantic attraction to another person, but which is lighthearted rather than serious in tone. It's usually the first step to elevating a platonic relationship into a romantic one, or to signal a romantic intention from the start of the introduction. Lets discuss some basic tools of the trade to help.

Whether you're flirting over the phone via text, online, or in-person, it's important to keep a balance between revealing your feelings and keeping the person you like intrigued.

Make eye contact with a friendly smirk or smile because If you don’t you’ll look bored or uninterested. You shouldn't assume that everyone who smiles at you is flirting with you. However, you can tell a lot about a person's intentions toward you and interest in you from the manner in which he or she smiles when interacting with you.

Keep the conversation light and have a sense of humour. You'll get a way better response if you chat about fun, happy stuff rather than serious or sad topics. The point of flirting isn't to bare your soul or share your honest opinions about everything. It's to open the door to lots more conversations down the road.

Let's get one thing straight: It's not about cracking jokes and making hilarious observations that would bring a theater to tears in laughter. If you're naturally funny, don't hold back, but using humour when flirting is a very different thing than telling jokes. It's about showing a person that you don't take everything so seriously and you can see the lighter side of situations.

Use genuine compliments about the person by picking one thing you like about the way they look - like their hair, their smile or a piece of clothing. Let them know in a friendly way how much you like it. It'll make them feel good and will open them up to you.

Remember the details and little things about the person. It may seem hard, but this is something that you want to make sure you're doing from a place of confidence, not neediness. It comes off as confident when you casually mention these details that you've remembered at a later date. It comes off as needy when you make too much of a point that you remembered them. So if you're chatting someone up, especially one you've just met, pay attention to the little things and try to casually mention them later on.

Playful teasing means not taking yourself too seriously, being a bit silly, playfully hitting your crush, or talking about something slightly offbeat or unexpected. It also means not putting too much pressure on yourself over the course of the conversation.

Get the heart racing with some tension. It is a huge aphrodisiac and a great thing to take advantage of when you are flirting. So if you've used some of the lighter, more innocent flirting tips and you're getting a good reaction, try changing gears and getting a little seductive.

Keep your interactions short and sweet. Remember that the key to creating demand is making supply scarce, so try to limit your interactions with the object of your flirtations. Let the other person come to you. After you've put in the work of starting up the interaction and sparking an interest, pull back a bit and see if he or she seeks you out for an interaction. This can be a good way to gauge interest, as well as build tension.


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